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Rent your neighbour’s

Rent cars on an hourly or daily basis for a more flexible car sharing experience.

Comprehensive insurance up to $40m cover

Rent cars on an hourly or daily basis for a more flexible car sharing experience.

Comprehensive insurance up to $40m cover

Drive mate offers more value and convenience than others - it’s a no-brainer!

Rent by hour, day, month
Rent by the hour, day or month
Only rent by the hour or day
Rent by the hour or day only
Rent by the day or month
Gostarter plan
All inclusive pricing
Membership fees extra
Booking fees + distance fees extra
Open car with app
NFC card
Car Variety
24x7 customer service
Based on Drive mate Singapore score (Drive lah)

What’s Drive mate?

We’re all mates here. Don’t grab a ride. Get a car!

Drive mate allows customers to borrow cars from neighbours offering up their vehicles on our secure, all-in-one rental app.

Forget ride-share. Get your own wheels sorted and secured for as little as $40/day* without the frustrations of typical car rental rigmarole.

Simply check out our top rented vehicles in your neighbourhood below, create an account using the Drive mate app, then go pay your neighbour a visit and pick up the car!

Why give Drive mate a whirl?

Maybe you want to simplify your transportation needs without owning a vehicle? Perhaps you’re after a more convenient solution to your car rental woes?

Better options, minus the hassle

Being fully insured

Having what you need available – Always!

Ripper savings of up to 40% compared to regular rental services

Watch video to learn more

Book, Unlock and Go!

Drive mate Go™ is an innovative Australian industry first advancing the car sharing concept into smarter, safer territory!

We’ve introduced remote tracking and immobilisation functionality and utilise telemetry data to ensure Drive mate remains one of the most convenient and safe car sharing platforms.

Want to watch your car make bank? Here’s how.

Car ownership has never been more rewarding with Drive mate. Give your vehicle a break from the garage and start earning extra cash today!

20% higher earnings vs other similar platforms

Fully Verified

Proprietary keyless access and tracking

Comprehensive Insurance covering damage, theft, 3rd party loss, hail, flood & fire

Stories from our users
They love renting and sharing with Drive mate

The reviews are from Drive lah, our brand name in Singapore

You ask, we answer
What is Drive mate?
It is a peer to peer car sharing platform. This means that people who own a car can rent out their car to fellow Australians when they don’t need their car. The trip will be comprehensively insured for the host’s and guest’s peace of mind.
As a host, how is the safety of my car ensured?
We carry stringent checks on guests who rent on Drive mate through their IDs, driving licenses, past driving record and credit history. Though highly unlikely, in the event of any unfortunate incident, your car is comprehensively insured through Drive mate ProtectionTM Including the following: • Comprehensive cover throughout Australia • Covers Vehicle damage due to accident, fire or storm, or malicious damage • Covers theft of vehicle • $40 million cover for 3rd party damage • Maximum damage liability of $3000(additional $500 for drivers < 24 years old)
Why should I rent with Drive mate?
Drive mate is the most convenient access to cars in Australia. We offer a huge variety of cars nearby at the click of a button. Drive mate utilizes unused car hours of individual car owners and that makes rentals on Drive mate typically 30-40% cheaper than other car rental / sharing companies.
How is Drive mate better than other car sharing providers?
Drive mate offers more value and convenience than other car sharing providers – it’s definitely a no brainer! Firstly, on Drive mate you can rent by the hour, day or even months – something that none of the other platforms offer at one single place. Our pricing is the most affordable (yes that’s right) and is all inclusive (no membership fees or distance charges). Technologically we are most advanced as you can open the car with our app directly. Finally our friendly customer service is available 24x7 unlike other platforms. No wonder, our team is rated 4.7 / 5 on Trustpilot (significantly higher than other platforms).